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25th Anniversary

September 15-18, 2022

HFTW CHURCH was established in Las Cruces, NM in 1997. Pastor Dale Walker began his ministry 30 years ago in El Paso, TX. before being called to LC. We believe our destiny is to bring a light to every neighborhood in our city and to witness to every nation in our world.

HFTW Missions, our sister organization, maintains "Hope Centers"-- outreach feeding centers to feed poor children in Mexico, the Philippines, and Zambia. HFTW has also birthed and partnered with two more churches outside of Las Cruces. Hope City Community Church, formerly known as Pastor Dale's Vineyard El Paso Church is now under the care of HFTW's Pastor Johnny and Jennie Terrazas. Also, HFTW's Pastor Hunter and Liz Howard have moved to Atlanta, Georgia to plant Encounter Church along with HFTW's Youth leaders.