Meet Our Staff


Chelle Courter

Chelle Courter is an experienced teacher and administrator.  She pursued a degree in education at NMSU, but gained the most knowledge from the schools of “hard-knocks” & sink or swim”.

She worked in children’s ministry beginning in the late 1970’s  through the 1990’s, including developing a children’s ministry in two churches in Vienna, Austria.  She also served three years as School Board Chair at the Vienna Christian School overseeing the school administration and bringing the school through the completion of an official accreditation process.

During her twenty-one years in Austria, Chelle was involved in Bible studies which use the inductive study method developed by Precept Ministries.  God used this time to develop in her a high regard for the value and power of the whole word of God, as she watched the “living word” bring great change and freedom to her life and the lives of other women.  

While living in Israel, Chelle was given the honor of facilitating prayer sets for seven years as a part of the Jerusalem Prayer Tower team.  She was responsible for guiding groups in Word-based prayer for the City of Jerusalem, the nation of Israel as well as lead an international prayer time aimed at standing against global human trafficking and on behalf of those who were enslaved in its clutches. 

Dr. Jim Courter

Jim began his Christian life and ministry in Las Cruces, New Mexico, while attending NMSU. In 1974, he heard the calling to get involved in Bible translation work, and taught himself biblical Greek. In 1975 he started taking Bible translation courses through Wycliffe/SIL. In early 1980 he moved to Austria to work for Evangelism to Communist Lands and ministered to the underground Church behind the Iron Curtain, as well as to Austrians. After returning to the USA, he spent two years in Yuma, Arizona, and served as one of the pastors of a church across the border in Mexico. In 1985 he moved to Vienna, Austria, where he and his family spent the next 21 years. Jim taught at a church Bible school for 3 years and in a Bible school held inside of a prison near Vienna for 6 years. He has been working since 1989 as a Bible translation consultant on many translations of the Bible. He also spent extensive time in Romanian, ministering in orphanages, hospitals, churches, individual families and on the streets.

After returning to the USA for a short time, Jim lived in Jerusalem, Israel, for 10 years. He finished his doctorate there at the University of the Holy Land. He also taught several courses, including Biblical Hebrew and Greek, as well Bible translation practice and history. He led different Bible study groups as well, and shared the gospel at a cafe and at Christ Church in Jerusalem’s Old City. His multi-faceted experiences there greatly enhanced his knowledge of the Bible, the land of the Bible and biblical languages.


Mark Schumacher

Pastor Mark Schumacher along with his wife Bridget are the Pastors of New Wine Fellowship church in El Paso Texas. 

They have been actively involved in the ministry over the past 30 years. Mark is a gifted Pastor, Student, and Teacher of God's Word.

He is known for his depth of insight into God's word and his practical applications.


Dale Walker

Pastor Dale Walker and his wife Sharon are lead pastors of HFTW Church which they helped pioneer nearly 24 years ago.

Pastor Dale attended Melodyland School of theology and graduated from Vineyard Bible Institute.

He also helps lead Heart for the World Global a missions ministry of partners who are serving in missions in many countries of the world.


Sue Yeager

Sue Yeager is a HFTW Pastor from the Las Cruces, NM/ El Paso, Texas area. She is the wife

of Russ Yeager and the mother of three wonderful children and seven grandchildren. She works in

the area of ministry training,  She also loves to teach in the areas of ministry and equipping the church to walk in freedom and wholeness of body, soul and spirit.

She works with the areas of healing and prayer teams in their local church. She is also Director of

Hope Centers International. This ministry feeds hungry children in Philippines,Thailand and Mexico.

She also oversees the ministry of Dream Release. Project Dream Release is an educational

scholarship program under Hope Centers International.