Tribute To My Friend Bruce Jackson

This week a true HFTW HERO of mine and so many went to be with Jesus. I’ve spent most of the week trying to process this. Bruce was truly one of the original spiritual pillars of HFTW church.

I will never forget meeting Bruce. A mutual friend introduced us outside of the storefront on Idaho street that would eventually become one of our church homes. Our hearts immediately connected.

He became a loyal friend, one of the first elders, and the treasurer who would be the stewardship leader in our church for the first 17 years.

He had an unbelievable gift in the area of finances and encouragement. He taught and discipled our church over those years in tithing. God showed him the land we would first purchase. He spoke to him about giving away all of the $10,000 we had in our savings

as a young church to a missionary. That would be returned to us a hundred fold in the next few years allowing us to purchase our present property on South Valley.

Bruce up to the very end would send me these prophetic words of encouragement. He would always tell me that God sent me to Las Cruces and has a special call on my life. I can’t tell you how many times his faith and encouragement helped me not quit when things were so tough. Even recently he was telling me how we would have to get ready to build a sanctuary twice as large as we have, because of all the people God was going to send. He was encouraging me that God was about to provide to pay off the rest of the mortgage on our building.

I’ve heard and known of so many stories of conflicts with elder and deacon boards. I’ve sometimes been just amazed by how peaceful and wonderful our elders and boards have worked in unity over these 23 years. I think so much of that goes back to the relationship that Bruce and the few others (especially Ron Pelzel and Thomas Bulger) established in those early years. It has been such a delightful journey having the strong support of leaders like Bruce whose hearts were always truly about giving God glory, making Heaven bigger, and adding value to people in every way possible.

I will forever be grateful for the privilege of getting to serve God with a friend like Bruce. I’m going to miss him tremendously. I can see him right now being so excited visiting the storehouse of heaven. I imagine him praying for us and asking God to bless every area and especially talking to the Lord about sending extra provision from that storehouse for the church and all of the missionaries and people in need we’re trying to help.

I love you Bruce more than words can say. I can’t wait to see you again soon, my dear friend. Give a hug and kiss for me to all of our friends there - and especially to Jesus!


Bruce Jackson is survived by his wife Susan and many children and grandchildren. A memorial service will be held next Friday at 2:00 pm, and Lord willing, will be live streamed on our HFTW YouTube channel.

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