BI 232
The Book of Acts 
pt. 2
Taught by Pastor Mark Schumacher

6:00pm - 7:30pm

2 Units
Zoom Only

This trimester we will continue on in our study of the book of Acts with part 2.   The story of the first century church continues in the second half of the study.  In Part 1, we saw the church grow from about 120 believers to thousands from Judea, Samaria, Syria, and modern-day Turkey.  Now, we will see the church continue to expand to Europe with Paul’s second and third missionary journeys.  Paul’s ministry will be primarily to a pagan, gentile audience.  Come and join us in part 2 and learn from Paul’s example how we can minster to the post-Christian society today. 

BI 106
the Old Testament
Taught by Dr. Jim Courter PhD
5:30pm - 7:00pm
2 Units
Zoom Only

The Old Testament lays the foundation for understanding the need for Jesus to come and be our sacrifice. There are numerous prophecies about his coming and the glories to follow. In fact, the New Testament was written primarily to people who were fully conversant with the Old. So, the New cannot be fully understood without being very familiar with the Old. In the Spring trimester we will study the first five books of the Bible which were written by Moses. These lay the groundwork for understanding the rest of the Bible. We will look at the many prophecies about Christ in these books; Jesus said that Moses wrote about him (John 5:46). Join the class and find out how he did this.

Jesus constantly encouraged his disciples to think beyond their own circumstances and situations.  He encouraged them to fill their life with the truth of who God is and to live a true life within the life that they were living on the earth, regardless of their circumstances.  He called them to live a new life and a new way to live.   
In this course we will examine the different aspects of God’s characteristics.  Where then do we find characteristics higher than those we are known to have? Who do we turn to set a standard for us to aspire to? What spirit are we of? Do we follow the characteristics of life promoted by the world or do we seek in the Spirit of God the very characteristics God Himself is known for?  
We will examine the different aspects of God’s characteristics and how they work in our life to build character of true value before God. This two quarter class will provide a working understanding of how to pursue a Godly character and what characteristics we should adopt to gain this blessing the Lord encourages us to seek.  

TH 264
God’s Characteristics (Attributes) Part 1
Taught by Thomas Bulger

9:30am - 11:00am

2 Units
In Person
MN 175
MN 175
Foundations of Ministry 
Taught by Pastor Dale Walker

Sunday April 10th
Sunday May 1st
SundayMay 22nd 
Sunday June 5th
4pm - 8pm

2 Units
In Person

This course will provide an in-depth look at the vision, values, beliefs, and mission growth track strategy of HFTW Church and Ministries.  Pastor Dale will impart what he has learned over the years about helping people as they take the journey from an unsaved seeker on the sidelines to becoming a fully committed and equipped follower of Jesus in connection with a dynamic spiritual family.  


As students in this class learn and apply these proven strategies, they will not only develop in their personal relationship with the Lord and position in the church community, but will be challenged to help others to grow in their walk with the Lord and find their place in the church body.


Whether you are a church member or in a leadership position come and glean from years of experience and study in how to develop and execute this proven kingdom strategy to help people better Know God, Find Freedom, Discover their Purpose, and Make a Difference. It is a valuable plan that can be applied wherever God might call you.

Note: This class will also be asked to attend the Holy Spirit Encounter retreat May 14th-15

This course will examine the biblical, general, and specific steps to enable a person first to be a disciple, then to discover systems, biblical principles, and methods that create a disciple making context. 
Discipleship is a course serving as an introduction to discipleship ministries. The purpose of the course is to equip the student with a comprehensive description of what is discipleship from a biblical and Christ-centered perspective. This course will also explore the structure of the discipline as well as address the essential activities of disciple making. Whether for individual or church ministries, these principles form the underlying and foundational components necessary for effective ministry within the local church context.

MN 174
Taught by Omar Davila

6:00pm - 7:30pm

2 Units
In Person