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Dear Friend,

So grateful and blessed for the hunger you have to grow in your faith. 

A sermon summary is a tool we hope will help you move from just hearing the truth of God’s Word to really growing that truth to the point that it bears amazing fruit in your life. It includes a summary of main points of the sermon along with a question for applying this to your life.

There are key scriptures from the lesson for you to ponder. Finally, there is a tool each week that will help towards the ultimate goal of this sermon series: to help each of you activate your genius to fulfill your highest purpose for God. This tool is not only something you can use for you but to help mentor others such as your children or as part of a group of friends who challenge each other to grow. If you would like this delivered directly to your email, send a request to


The very best way to grow from something like this is to have a discussion group you share it with. That is why we have a zoom group available on Wednesday nights at 6:30, there will also be an in person discussion group that will meet on Sundays at 11:15 in the Equip room after the 9:30 service led by Fred Brown. If you are interested in the zoom group please email Sue Yeager at You will see that one of the things we will be encouraging in this is prophesying encouragement over each other in a way that stokes the fire of genius in each other.


I want to encourage you not just to glance at the Scriptures but read them aloud, ponder them and consider memorizing any that speak to your heart. Over this 5 weeks there will be dozens of Scriptures that if sown in your heart will work to produce the fruit of genius in an incredible way.

week 1 - 06.26.2022


week 2 - 07.03.2022