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We can only fulfill God’s calling for our church to reach our community and raise up leaders for the nations through our small group ministry, which we call Life Groups.

Life groups take the larger vision and purposes of our church and implement those purposes in a small/relational context where our values and vision can be taught, caught, shared, and multiplied. We like to tell people that at Heart for the World, “all roads lead to life groups.”

Our primary goal is not to get as many people sitting in rows on Sundays; but to get as many people connected and sitting in circles. We believe life change happens best when people intentionally connect with others in small groups.

The mission of our life group ministry is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by creating an environment where individuals can experience spiritual growth (intimacy with God: worship, growing in the Word, & prayer) and experience authentic community (connection with others: accountability, belonging, & care).

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