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Week 6: Naturally Supernatural Healing


Jesus has invited us as naturally supernatural believers to partner with him, to break the power of disease and hurt and bring healing, not only through natural means but the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit that flow through prayer and ministry.


“Heal the sick who are there and tell them that the Kingdom of God has come near to you.” (Luke 10:9)


1.  Tell us about a person who has been an instrument of healing in your life. How did God use them?


2.  What attitude most represents God’s heart towards sickness?

  • Sickness is an inevitable part of life.

  • Sickness is something for doctors and medicine to take care of.

  • If you’re sick stay away from me; I don’t want to catch it.

  • Go to the doctor and a little prayer can’t hurt.

  • Sickness is defeated and we are called to go in fierce compassion to confront and break its power by both natural and supernatural means that God provides.


3.  Why is it important to view healing from a “wholistic” perspective? How does the ministry of Jesus, through the Body of Christ bring the greatest possibility of healing to the whole person?


4.  Which is an area of life that God most likely wants to bring more healing into your life, today?

  • Relationship separation/loneliness

  • Rejection/ emotional wounds

  • Spiritual blockages-hardness of heart

  • Mental anguish (grief, anxiety, anger, depression)

  • Physical illness or injury


5.  As you pray for your own healing and the healing of others, identify and ask God how He wants to bring His perspective, prescription, presence, and perseverance to your situation. Share this with others.


6.  Consider a homework assignment of confession to a trusted friend, in which you share where you hurt, what sins have happened that you are asking forgiveness for and are offering forgiveness to another person, at this time. Ask someone if you can pray the prayer of faith with them for their healing.


Try these 5 steps in praying for someone:

  • Ask what hurts.

  • Listen to them, then take time to listen to God.

  • Decide how He wants you to pray.

  • Pray and check in on what they are experiencing as you pray.

  • Discuss what next steps should be taken to move forward in receiving and keeping healing.


Naturally Supernatural Week 6 Worship

Naturally Supernatural Week 6 Worship
Passion - Holy Ground ft. Melodie Malone (Live)

Passion - Holy Ground ft. Melodie Malone (Live)

Play Video
I Am Healed - River Valley Worship

I Am Healed - River Valley Worship

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