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May-August, 2017

Welcome to our Life Group study
on living a supernatural life.

Throughout this sermon series we want connect the natural areas of living for Christ with the supernatural way the Holy Spirit wants to empower us. We want to realize that worship, is more than just singing songs but  hosting His presence.  That we can be people who hear God’s voice and are led of the Holy Spirit and not just our own "wisdom". We can be people who serve and help other people in ways that allow people to encounter God and even experience His miracles in their life. To be people who are filled with a supernatural joy, strength, and peace. We will discover what it means to have more than a church service but have a revival where an awareness of God takes place. Where, like with Pentecost, we experience a visitation of God in our life and we move from being in a natural place trying to handle our problems to experiencing God taking over our problems, God taking His church back.

Goals and Objectives

A. That we may know we've had an encounter, overflow, “baptism,” and  supernatural release of the Holy Spirit in our lives. 

B. That we begin to operate in a naturally supernatural way especially as we pray for people, witness to people, or encourage people in their struggles.

C. Memorize one key scripture a week.

D. Identify areas of your life where you could allow the Holy Spirit to conquer and move.

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