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People should want to wake up on Sunday morning and go to church. Our desire is to be people’s number one option on Sunday morning; first because of what we do and ultimately because of what we believe. This vision took shape in 1997 when Dale and Sharon Walker were led to move from El Paso Texas, where they had pioneered and led a church called Vineyard Church of Northeast El Paso, for 20 years.

Dale felt that God spoke clearly to his heart that Las Cruces would be the land of their anointing for the next season of their life. The vision the Lord gave at the very beginning included a vision of a great river of revival being poured out into Las Cruces and flowing down the Rio Grande Valley causing life to spring up wherever it went.

The Lord also gave a vision of a belt that went around the globe with the buckle being in Las Cruces. Dale felt God was promising a world wide ministry that would have its headquarters in Las Cruces. In fact, before we even began the work in Las Cruces, God spoke clearly that we were to ask Him to let us forever change the spiritual history of Las Cruces and beyond in a dramatic way.

We believe that just like Jesus, the local church should be irresistible, offering people relevance and hope in today’s world.

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