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We are always looking for HOST’s.  HOST stands for someone who is Hospitable, can Open their home (or meet outside of church), can Serve snacks, and can Turn on a video.  We provide the resources for you, so that you don’t have to prepare a lesson on your own.  


There are two tracks to becoming a HOST.  The simplest route is that any person can be a HOST – all of the resources are available on this site.  You would simply invite 3 or more friends to your group, and begin to develop community.


The second track is for those who would like to be identified as a church sponsored group.  To become a church sponsored HOST, there are 3 basic requirements –


- Become a member of our church

- Attend 8 out of 10 monthly Elevate classes. (Elevate is our monthly leadership training program.)

- Fill out an application and be released by a HFTW pastor.


There is great benefit to becoming a church sponsored HOST.  You will receive regular prayer for your group.  You will have support from a HFTW pastor in the event there are challenges you’re unsure how to navigate.  You will have access to monthly trainings.  And you will have opportunity to raise up apprentices and multiply.


For more info contact Thomas Bulger, or at 575-523-1113.

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