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Yes, under certain conditions.  The church considers financial assistance for rent and utilities, primarily for those who are members.  We are typically unable to help with things like fuel, medical or legal bills, funeral costs, or any other personal costs not related to rent or utilities.


The budget is limited, and priority is given to those who are members.  Also, because the budget is limited, we often can only help with a portion of the bill.  If multiple requests are made in a given year, we will first ask you to sit down with one of our counselors to make sure we are fully understanding your situation.

Does the Church give financial assistance to individuals?

Does the Church have a food pantry?

Yes, we have a small food pantry.We have food items available during office hours, for members and non-members.We also have a list of other organizations in town who help with a variety of services.


Please note that we generally are unable to hand food items out on Sunday mornings, until after the 2nd service.

What do I have to do to be married by a Heart For The World pastor, at the church facility?

In order to be married at our facility by one of our pastors, first we require all couples to go through pre-marriage counseling.Counseling takes place semi-annually here at our church.Also, there are other pre-marriage programs around town that would also fulfill this requirement.


Secondly, members of our church would receive priority regarding the time and location of the ceremony.Because of limitations of time, and demands on the building, scheduling will have to be agreed upon by all parties, and not assumed as automatic.Non-members will generally not be allowed to be married at our facility, and may not be eligible to be married by one of our pastors.


- Other noteworthy items -


  • There is a small building fee for weddings.  There are also additional fees if you require sound or media during the ceremony.  For an exact detail of the fees, please call the church office.

  • All programming must be in alignment with the beliefs and values of our church.  We reserve the right to change any programming that we deem offensive or contrary to Scripture.

  • Please note that our facility is not for rent for outside groups to host a wedding.

How do funerals work at Heart For The World?

Members of our church will receive priority for the hosting of a funeral, both for their own funeral, or for the funeral of an immediate family member, who may or may not be a member of HFTW.  Because of limitations of time, and demands on the building, scheduling will have to be agreed upon by all parties, and not assumed as automatic.

All funerals conducted at HFTW will be officiated by a HFTW pastor.  All programming must be in alignment with the beliefs and values of our church.  We reserve the right to change any programming that we deem offensive or contrary to Scripture.


There is no building usage fee for funerals, but if media or sound is required, there is a fee for those services.  Also, because of facility limitations, all refreshments or post service gatherings will have to take place at a separate location.


Please note that our facility is not for rent for outside groups to host a funeral.

What does becoming a member qualify me to do at church?

By becoming a member, you will meet the first qualification to serve in certain leadership / ministry roles.  All life group leaders, pastors, elders, teachers, children’s teachers, youth leaders, altar ministry teams, outreach / mission leaders, and worship leaders must be members of our church, before being considered for these positions.  However, there are other serving opportunities that do not require membership (such as ushering, greeting, media, security, parking, kid’s church helper, kitchen team, cleaning team).   


While membership is an important step, it does not mean that someone would receive immediate acceptance into a leadership position.  We place a high value on the Lord confirming who our leaders are.  One of the primary ways the Lord does that in our church is by allowing each person to show, or develop, a servant’s heart, by plugging in where the need is greatest.  Through that process, other leaders will get to know the individual, and if the Lord is wanting to elevate that person to a front line position, He will confirm this over time.  We believe it is better to go slow, both for the individual and for the church, so that God can confirm His plan. 


Please note that each volunteer position may have additional requirements, outside of membership (such as background check, technical expertise, etc.).

Who is allowed to go on church sponsored mission trips?

Members will receive priority in considering who is eligible / able to attend mission trips.  Frequently, there is limited space available on our mission trips.  Priority will be given to those who have elected to become members.


Regardless of membership status, if you have never been on a mission trip, we do ask that you first join us on one of our trips into Mexico, before participating in one of our more rigorous trips to the Philippines or Zambia.  We’ve seen people leave the faith, because they weren’t prepared to see and experience the challenges of some of the poorest countries.  Mexico is a good introduction to the mission field.

Do you allow church members to fundraise within the congregation?

Generally speaking, we do not fundraise for individuals within our church, and we also ask that our congregation NOT fundraise within the church, especially on Sunday mornings.Sundays are a time to connect with God and people, and individuals asking for money can be a turnoff, especially to visitors.


Please know that our heart is not to control you, or suggest that your fundraiser is wrong.We just want to protect the congregation, and help them feel that this is a safe place where they can receive from the Lord.

Does the church give to missionaries?

It is in our DNA to be a sending church.  We have several missionaries that we regularly support.  We strategically choose who we send, and who we support.  From time to time, there are individuals who are doing missions through other organizations, and they may or may not be members of our church.  In those cases, we will consider requests for one-time offerings, with priority given to those who are members.

Do church members have access to use church property, for personal use?

Unfortunately, we do not allow church facilities or equipment to be used for personal use.  In order to steward the Lord’s property, it is best for us to not allow church property to be used for personal reasons.  This would include borrowing tables for family gatherings, using media equipment for school projects, using instruments for band practice, using church vehicles for family reunions, etc.


The church staff is expected to follow the same standard.

Does the church rent rooms or equipment?

We are not able to rent church space or equipment.  While there may be financial benefits to the church to rent out our facility or equipment, that is not our priority.  Our resources are limited, and renting out space or equipment will be a distraction to our overall mission.

Can I make an appointment with Pastor Dale?  If so, what should I expect?

Pastor Dale does accept appointments, but his availability is limited.  With nearly 1,000 people in our church, Pastor Dale has been developing a team that is willing and able to respond to most needs that people have.  By allowing the team to help him care for the church, Pastor Dale is able to focus on preparing great messages, and leading our congregation where the Lord would have us go.  If you feel you need an appointment with Pastor Dale, please plan on scheduling 3 or more weeks in advance.

What is baby dedication? 

Baby dedication is a ceremony that we conduct once each quarter for children ages 2 and under.  The ceremony is as much for the parents as it is for the children.  It is a ceremony where the parents can affirm their commitment to raising their child in a godly home.  It is also a place where a pastor will pray a prayer of blessing over the child.  It is NOT the same as infant baptism that is common in the Catholic Church.  It is also NOT required by God or our church.  It is simply an opportunity to give thanks to God for new life, and to dedicate the next season to raising our kids in the way they should go.

What is the Compassion offering?


Each month, we collect an offering that is commonly referred to as our Compassion offering, or “the blue bucket” offering.This offering is used exclusively for ministries and causes outside of the administration of our church.We support ministries in Zambia, the Philippines, Honduras, Ethiopia, and Mexico, through this offering.We are a church who intentionally thinks about and cares for people outside of our walls, and the Compassion offering helps facilitate this vision.

Does the Church have office hours?

Yes, we do.  The Church is open Tuesday – Friday, from 9:00 - 4:30.  If you have questions, or need assistance, please call 575-523-1113.  If you have a prayer request, or if you have an emergency pastoral care need after office hours, please call 575-997-7394.

How does the Church handle “discipline” issues?

We are a church where imperfect people are perfectly welcome.  Our Sunday services are especially open to all.  That being said, for those who are members, one of the commitments an individual makes as a member is that he /she would be submitted to the leadership of the church, and therefore would have agreed to invite feedback into their life.  We are by no means the “moral police.”  We are not searching out people who are messing up.  We understand that all of us fall short, on a weekly basis.  But there are times where individuals get stuck in a sin pattern, and their sin begins to negatively affect their life and the lives of those around them.  In those cases, we will lovingly approach the member about setting up a time where we can talk through our concerns. 


In most cases, there is a very positive outcome, as the member is able to receive God’s forgiveness, and receive help from a pastor on how to get out of the sin pattern.  In very rare circumstances, where the member refuses to repent and follow counsel, he/she may be asked to leave the fellowship until further notice.

How do I start a church sponsored ministry of my own?

We believe that each person is the hands and feet of Jesus!If you are genuinely following the Lord, you are released to minister in Jesus’ name.There are dozens of people in our church who serve in other organizations, start their own Bible studies, visit the prisons, and lead their own outreaches.We would consider this to be “normal” for each member of our church.Occasionally, members want to host or conduct an event that is officially sponsored by Heart For The World.This is usually characterized by a request to use the church name or logo, have an announcement made on Sunday morning in the bulletin, or use church property or equipment to help promote or facilitate the event.In these cases, we ask that you fill out an application for consideration.There are often issues associated with this that are not always considered, and it is helpful to allow church management to review the vision, needs, and planned outcomes, before proceeding.


Church members will receive priority in considering what events/programs/outreaches the church will sponsor.

Do I have to be saved to be a member of Heart For The World?

Once you become a member of our church, you begin (or continue) a journey towards maturity in Christ, within the context of the ministry of Heart For The World.While we do not in any way judge those who have not received salvation, we also would ask that you wait until you are ready to make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life, before becoming a member of our church.Without Jesus as Lord, you will inevitably be frustrated by church membership, and could become disillusioned with our church.And we would hate to see that happen!

What happens if I feel called to another church?

One of the high values we have is to give freedom and blessing to people to both come and serve here, and at the same time, feel no shame or fear if they sense God leading them somewhere else. We fully understand that a family’s time at a certain church is usually for a season. It is our desire that this separation can be seen not as a parting, but as a sending. We love the privilege of blessing those who move on. We love that we are all one family in Christ no matter what church we fellowship at. We certainly do appreciate it when someone who is called elsewhere will just call one of our pastors and let us know. The chance to be sure there has been nothing that needs clearing up or if there is a need for forgiveness of any kind, the chance to resolve any issues is something we think glorifies God and is a blessing for us.

Do we check on people’s tithes and offerings, or enforce specific giving standards?

We truly are committed to letting your giving be between you and the Lord. We do send records of giving at the end of the year for income tax purposes. But all giving is kept confidential, and we do leave a person’s obedience in that area between them and the Lord.

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