Our Identity

We are a Kingdom family, a Fearless Army of Compassion uniting people to treasure, teach, and take God’s extravagant heart to transform His world.

Our Mission

HFTW Church exists to bring people to God and into His family so they can be healed, trained, and sent to reach the world.

Our Values

Pursue God’s Presence

- We are extravagant worshippers -

Grow in Christ Likeness

- We’re life long learners -

Live with Audacious Faith

- We believe and act like nothing is impossible -

Give Generously

- We live to give -

Treat Kids like VIP’s

- We see children as Jesus sees them -

Befriend the Poor

- We give the best to those with the least -

Honor one another

- We Respect everybody -

Take ownership

- We believe in personal responsibility -

Think Globally

- We see the harvest ready everywhere -

Do everything excellently

- We go the extra mile -

Give second chances

- We offer a road back -

Play with a relentless team spirit

- We are a we not a me -


We believe the good news of the gospel of grace has the power to produce the greatest and most important miracle on earth: a completely transformed life. We believe that we as the church are the hope of the world because we have the message and the Person who can change the hearts of all sinful and broken people in the world. Our message and ministry has the power to create in people Christ-like values, vision, purpose, attitudes, speech, and behavior and accomplish the single most important event for a human’s life, the securing of an eternal destiny in Heaven.

Our definition of success is producing brand new moms and dads, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, citizens, employees, and employers.

We believe that our message and ministry can offer a better hope to any person in any situation. A hope and a future in Christ that is better than anything that they can imagine. It includes the certainty that no matter how their life has gone up to this point it can go forward to a glorious end.

Just like a physical birth, spiritual birth happens in a moment in which all of the potential of life is present, but is only realized and discovered through a process of growing up. We believe the process to complete transformation happens through three key steps: believe, belong, and become.

We believe this transformation begins with a decision (to believe in what Jesus did for us and accept His leadership for their life) and continues through a process.