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We love to worship Jesus!  We sing, dance, shout, jump, clap in response to the amazing God we serve!  We believe as we turn our eyes on Jesus and offer up our praise, it activates the Kingdom of Heaven (2 Chronicles 20) and ushers in the presence of our King.  The impossible happens!  Miracles, deliverance, salvations are normal!  We enter into our corporate worship time with great expectancy because we believe God’s presence changes everything.


Get Involved

There are many opportunities in our worship arts ministry.  Some areas have greater requirements than others.  Opportunities include, mixing audio, operating cameras, running lyrics for our screens, involvement in Children’s worship, Youth worship, midweek worship, and being a part of the weekend worship team.




If you are a member of the worship team that is on stage during our weekend services, you are considered a leader at our church.  You must consider Heart for the World your home church, have been attending consistently for 3 months or longer, have completed our membership classes through 301 and display the desirable characteristics of a minister (read those here) at our church.


Musicianship (for weekend services)

  • Vocalists - You must have good pitch, an understanding of harmony, and the ability to blend with other vocals.  We have two categories of vocalists, “support” and “lead.”  Everyone will start out as a support vocalist.  If you display the necessary qualities to lead the congregation in song, you can transition into that role.


  • Instrumentalist - You must have good rhythm and sense of time.  We play to a click track.  You must be able to play in every key on your instrument (if applicable).  We prefer you understand the Nashville number system as sometimes, we spontaneously change the key of songs or play spontaneous progressions.  You must be able to read and follow along to a chord chart.  Reading music is not necessary but understanding rhythmic and dynamic markings is beneficial. 



How Do I Join?

If you’d like to be a part of our worship/arts team, fill out an application here.  For our weekend worship team, someone will contact you to set up an audition.  The first audition will be private with a couple members from our team.  We will give you a list of 5 songs and you will choose 2 from the list to try out with.  We will also spend some time asking you questions and getting to know you.  If we feel you’re ready, we will move you onto the 2nd phase of our audition process where you will receive our weekend set list on the Tuesday before, and join us in rehearsal on Saturday afternoon.   From there, we will begin to schedule you.   For other positions, we will send you through a training that will be determined.

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