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Week 1: Letting Jesus Flip Your Flop

this week's focus

Life doesn’t go as planned and we don’t do as well as we hope. As we fall on our face, we have to make the important choice to either resent or reset.  God’s mercy gives us the reset button so that we can move from disgrace to grace.


“The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is His faithfulness. His mercies begin a fresh each morning!"

Lamentations 3:22-23


1.  Can you think of an embarrassing moment that you can laugh about now but looking back you wish you were invisible? If you can’t think of one of your own you can share someone else’s.


2.  Has God ever used a failure in your life to reset your life in some way and make it better? How have you found that other people have helped you handle your failure in the past?


3.  When you deal with failure, what do you usually struggle with the most?

     a.  Admitting it and facing it

     b.  Letting shame and embarrassment take over, feeling “emotionally disqualified”

     c.  Getting angry & depressed and not believing something good could come out of it

     d.  Leaving failure behind

     e.  Worrying about what people will think or what will happen in the future

      f.  Sharing with other people about your failures and blind spots


4.  What can you observe about the difference between the elder brother and prodigal son in the way they handled failure?


5.  What is a way of thinking, an attitude-way of reacting, and a pattern or a new habit for dealing with failure that God might want you to choose?


Reset - Week 1 Worship

Reset - Week 1 Worship
There's No Other Name (Lyric Video) - Francesca Battistelli | Starlight

There's No Other Name (Lyric Video) - Francesca Battistelli | Starlight

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