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Welcome to our Life Group study on letting god reset your life! 

Just under the surface of the old is the new. Like the old decaying skin of a reptile that is shed so the beautiful, new fresh layers of skin can be revealed, so it is in you. Your new nature in God, new habits, attitudes, and perspectives are waiting to break forth from God's life within you.


Streams of life are ready to burst out that will revive and bring new hope, life, and power to marriages, families, businesses, dreams, ministries, and missions in the church.


A. Move into the new mercies and grace God has for every area of our life.

We are really praying for God to give us the grace to sow the new thoughts, attitudes, and habits God is wanting to sow into our lives to empower us to see a Springtime of fresh growth and renewal.

B. Share the journey with the spiritual companions in your life group.

With their help come to a life long, life changing revelation of how God can flip your flop.  


C. Memorize one key scripture a week from Jesus' life.  


A suggested memory verse will be given each week.


D. Identify areas of your life where you could use a "God Reset".


Examples could include: attitudes, finances, relationships, recovery, and healing.

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