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Postponing the reopening of kid’s church and our

Harvest Drive Through

Hi Church,
One of the biggest things I believe God has been teaching us through 2020 is adaptability. In a time of uncertainty like we’re in, I have found we must keep asking God for clarity about His next step for us in this journey.

This week our leadership team faced another one of those moments where we were crying out to God for clarity and how God wants us to adapt to our ever changing landscape. We have just learned from medical professionals in our church that the conditions of things in Las Cruces in relationship to the pandemic have taken a radical shift. Cases have spiked in a dramatic rate in the last week including the number of hospitalizations. We have been urged to take extra special precautions for safety and to protect people from exposure.

In light of that we feel that we need to make a few adjustments to our plans for live services for the rest of the month of November. We have decided that though we will still plan to open our church for Wednesday night and Sunday morning services this week, we will be postponing our Harvest Drive through plans and not holding kid’s church at our 11:30 services for the rest of November.

We believe it is essential for our church to be open for church services and our Wednesday food distribution, because we are a spiritual hospital and it is essential and critical for some to be able to come and receive ministry this way. However, we also believe that scaling back our operations is essential.

Families with kids

you all are champions. Our hearts ache that there is yet another disappointment that you have to deliver to your kids. We are praying for extra grace for you today. We are so very sad to cancel our drive-through. It was going to be grand. But, our kid’s church team is working really hard to pivot our plans and figure out something that will hopefully put a smile on your kid’s faces this month. Please check our HFTW kids Facebook page for an update in the next day or 2. 

At the same time, we feel that this unusual situation requires us to emphasize extra safety measures and precautions to minimize risk of infections.

We will resume our 9:30 and 11:30 services live as well as online, and our Wednesday services live as well. However, we ask everyone who plans to attend the live services to be extremely vigilant about physical distancing as well as wearing their masks for the entirety of the service. (including while singing and sitting down) Also, during this critical time, we ask that you avoid physical contact such as shaking hands and hugging. Instead, Let the warmth of your presence and words be an encouragement to those around you. Finally, we implore anybody who is experiencing any symptoms of sickness whatsoever (sore throat, runny nose, fever, cough, etc) to please stay home and recover safely. It is imperative that we ALL take these extra steps so that everyone stays safe and cared for.

Kids are welcome to our services but they will need to stay with their parents. Though we would love to see you in person, we are encouraging anybody who has underlying medical conditions or health risks to be part of our online service for this month. Please err on the side of caution. 

I know as we do this we can trust God for protection and for great blessing upon our gatherings whether live or at home. We will plan to continue to give updates as to when our kid’s church will start. In the meantime our youth group will continue to meet at 25% capacity.

For prayer request click here to submit online or call our prayer line at 575-997-7394. You can also text me at 575-323-0591 or Pastor Thomas at 575-323-5717.

Thank you so much, God bless you.

Dale Walker

Senior Pastor
Heart for the World Church

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