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Week 4: Naturally Supernatural Thinking


What keeps us from realizing and experiencing God’s power is not that God is far away but the fact that our thoughts and mindset keep us from realizing that He is so near.


“Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.” (Romans 12:2 NLT)


1.  Have you ever been in a situation where something you were looking for was “right in front of you” but you didn’t see it because you weren’t expecting it?  Can you identify how sometimes God’s presence has been like that in your life?


2.  We talked about the importance of our thoughts and how much of our potential for growth and experiencing God depends on how we think. Can you identify a way your thoughts impacted you positively or negatively this past week? How were your thoughts a funnel of blessing or defeat?


If your thoughts were like a “weather report” predicting what your spiritual and emotional experiences were going to be in the days to come, what would be the expectations for your life that those thoughts would be predicting.


  • Sunny and beautiful

  • Partly clouding

  • Something unusual but exciting about to happen (snow in July?)

  • Stormy and dark


3.  Which of the mindsets mentioned in the talk do you think the Lord may want to especially help you to change?


  • Moving from self-justification to humility and confession

  • Moving from a mindset of unworthiness to grace and favor

  • Moving from a mindset of lack and unbelief to faith and abundance

  • Moving from a mindset of self-centeredness to a focus on others


4.  Which of the following things will you choose to be an action plan for “changing your mind”?


  • Study, memorize, and declare Scripture to shape my thoughts.

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to help me think what Jesus would think in my shoes.

  • Recognize a mental stronghold and ask a friend to help me in prayer to break it over my life. (fear, rejection, lack, worry, victim mentality, despair…)


5.  Spend time in prayer asking God how He might want you to reflect His extravagant love to someone in the group. Act on what He shows you.


Naturally Supernatural Week 4 Worship

Naturally Supernatural Week 4 Worship
I Am Healed - River Valley Worship

I Am Healed - River Valley Worship

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HFTW Song Stories - "This will be the Year"

HFTW Song Stories - "This will be the Year"

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